Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is a special form of agreement. As it is mentioned above, once you open this website in a device's browser, you consent to enter into this agreement.

You shall enter into this agreement as soon as you express your sufficient consent.From time to time and at our own discretion, you may be asked by us to express your sufficient consent on a repeated basis.

Unless you sufficiently consent to enter into an agreement on this Privacy Policy, your use of the website shall be deemed as unlawful.

In case there is a disagreement from your side on any points of this document, we ask you to exit the website immediately and not to place orders at this website.

This Privacy Policy shall be applied to you during the whole use of this website.

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General Provisions

Our aim is to provide you with the maximum quality of services and products. In order for that to be possible, we consider it necessary to have a simple and accurate identification procedure in place as well as a manner of communication and your option to choose.

We get only certain information about your visit as you use our services. In any case, it is done for the purpose of improving the experience of users on the website.

As you consent to this document, you express your sufficient agreement that the aim of getting certain information about you is sufficiently specified, legitimate and explicit. You consent that your information is accurate, relevant, complete, up-to-date and isn't excessive regarding the purpose.

The information received on the ground of this document shall be considered as obtained legally and fairly. No information is knowingly obtained without your previous explicit consent.

You mostly submit all the information personally. But we may get information on our own with your consent.

Information can be submitted once you:

  • fill any questionnaires or any forms;
  • communicate with us in any way;
  • identify your personality.

We may also get information by means of:

  • observing your activities and interactions on our website;
  • tracking your transactions on this website;
  • using cookies or any similar technologies.

We never get information which concerns or reveals your:

  • political views;
  • ethnic or racial origin;
  • philosophical, religious or any other beliefs of the similar kind;
  • sex life;
  • your mental or physical condition or health;
  • criminal convictions.